Business Services

Every organisation has the same goal – to succeed – but is unique in every other way.  There’s a lot to be learnt from good practice but one size doesn’t always fit all.

Value and Worth offer business consultancy services that assist organisations in working out how to make things work best for them – learning from others, developing ways of working that are stretching, realistic and pragmatic.  All of our services are delivered in a facilitated coaching style ensuring your organisation owns the solutions that work for you.

There are many ways in which we can work together – here are some of the services we provide:

  • Facilitation and Mediation
  • Business Planning, Governance, Risk and Performance Management
  • Change Management – turning your ideas into business cases, designing and implementing programmes and projects
  • Service Improvements – reviewing customer experience, communication, process mapping

If you know you want something to be different, but can’t define exactly what that is or how to go about it we also provide Organisational Reviews – working with you and your key stakeholders to explore how all or part of your organisation is working to identify potential areas for improvement.