“The aim is to help and support people to manage their own learning in order that they may develop their skills, improve their performance, maximise their potential, and enable them to become the  person they want to be”  Parsloe & Leedham

"Although intense, being coached always gets me to think more deeply and therefore I often arrive at a better solution than I would have done on my own."   Coachee

Coaching is often engaged to improve Performance of individuals and executivesTeam development and Career Progression.  Mentoring is useful in situations where individuals or organisations want to focus more on career development and skills development within a specialist area of work.

Coaching and Mentoring is a really personal and tailored service and as such the results and benefits are varied, but there is consensus on what outcomes coaching achieves:

  • Improved self awareness
  • Clearer focus and direction
  • Tools, techniques and mechanisms for self improvement and management
  • Improved performance
  • Greater Satisfaction and Confidence
  • Coaching is proven to have greater impact on people’s performance in the workplace than any other learning intervention

Coaching services can be delivered over short, medium or long term periods, with an individual, across a team or a wider organisation and can be stand-alone or used as part of a management development programme.  Our coaching services are predominantly delivered face-to-face with remote support.  As each case is different and unique our coaching programmes are often tailored specifically for you.