What our customers say…

"The Coaching sessions with Liz have been thought provoking, and are building my confidence.

The experience is challenging me in a very subtle way, and I am beginning to use the knowledge and guidance that I am gaining to improve my assertiveness, time management and productivity at work (and at home!)

Liz is friendly, professional and easy to talk to"  

Coachee, Operations Director, Charity


"The process of being coached always feels decadent because it enables me time to concentrate solely on my issues. Although intense, being coached always gets me to think more deeply and therefore I often arrive at a better solution than I would have done on my own. I find that when I commit myself to a target in a coaching session I am more likely to stick to it because I have shaped it by reflecting on what I really want, and therefore have complete ownership."

Jim Aldridge, Programme Director, Suffolk County Council

"For me, Coaching has helped me reach conclusions and solutions, which perhaps because of the emotion attached to the issue, meant that I did not have the clarity to do this on my own.  By probing and asking appropriate questions, I have been able to understand more about the root causes - it's often not what I think it is!

Once I have understood the reason for the conflict, the emotion or whatever the issue is, the solutions become easier and it can be a really uplifting experience and reinforces in me the need to go through such a process should I face similar issues in the future.

Most of all it has really given me confidence in all the areas you and I have worked on."

Coachee, HR Director, Private Sector

"I had been working in a way that had been successful for me in the past, but with changes in the organisations and dealing with people with different personalities, backgrounds and experience, I wasn't achieving what I wanted to and was frustrated.

The sessions that we have conducted have enabled me to become better prepared so that when I am in a situation where I need to influence and communicate effectively, I have a much better approach to getting my point across constructively.

Yes, I think some of the experiences have been uncomfortable, but it has helped me to open my mind to other ways of working which is of paramount importance when managing upwards in organisations."

Coachee, Regional Manager, Retail

"Coaching has bought about Awareness, Focus and Clarity of my goals.

What have I achieved?

  • Decluttering of my thoughts.

  • A clear focus on my short term goals for the next 6 months, that fits with my longer term career plans.

  • To recognise my achievements, rather than being a mechanism to achieving.

It has taught me a lot about myself and how can make a difference by evaluating my contribution - a hard lesson to learn but worth it."

Sara Davis, Executive Business Development Manager, Chartered MCIPD

"Liz was a great help to me as I went through some rather difficult periods of adjustment in my role.

She was able to help me put things in to perspective and was particularly supportive and caring through all our sessions.

I found Liz to be (annoyingly) professional.  She was someone I could trust, not just personally but also in her judgement.  I always recieved constructive feedback and left with a clear strategy to work on."  

John Mortlock, Regional  Manager, Ridgeons


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